Dover Regatta Swim Run Duathlon

6th August 2000

A total of 46 athletes tested themselves over the swim run course set in Dover Harbour as part of the weekend long Regatta Festivities. The main event covered 750m and 4.5k with the shorter event over 250m and 2k. The massed start from the beach took the competitors in the main event out into the calm harbour while the novices followed the shore-line.

A commanding lead was established by Daniel ROIZ-DE-SA (Kingfisher Tri) who was the fastest Brit in the swim at the recent Ironman Austria (where he clocked a 47 min swim to come out of the water 7th overall !!) Including a lengthy run up the beach he still managed a blistering 12:02. The distance is posted as 750m but has, by tradition, been slightly long. Hot on his heels was Adrian GRIMMOND (Tri UK) with 12:34 and on his heels the very promising young Phil ANTHONY (Deal Tri) who is rumoured to be able to run a little (in the same way the Jodie Swallow can run, a little). Phil's 12:41 placed him well for the chase.

Amongst the ladies it was Beverley FORD (Benfleet Running Club) with 13:20, the fourth fastest swim of the day. Just behind her was Sarah PHILPOTT (Deal Tri) with 13:47 but close behind her and with considerably more experience was Diane RIDINGS (Crystal Palace Tri) who has been sadly absent from the Tri scene for a couple of years.

Amongst the Vets there was, of course, Adrian GRIMMOND but also Nigel JONES (East Grinstead Tri) and Alan SPELLING (racing for the Met Police Tri Club). The novices saw young Kayleigh STEVENSON (Dover Life-Guard) take an easy victory with Stephen REID (Ashford & District Road Runners) placing second. They stood and watched the main event unfold as the seafront at Dover got busier and busier.

Those out on the 4.5k run had to fight their way through an uncompromising barrier of rowing boats as the region's rowers descended on the harbour. Such was the chaos they caused that a number of triathletes later plotted to bugger up their rowing by doing reps across the harbour. Some people, I don't know ...

A race commentary picked out a few of the competitors and gave support to all. The excitement mounted as Phil came past the finish on his way to the second half of the run. Daniel had dropped off the pace a little - hardly surprising when you think that the Ironman must have still been heavy in his legs. But the real excitement was coming amongst the vets and supervets.

Alan SPELLING will always admit that he is not the fastest swimmer. He can run a bit though and was tearing through the field. Had Nigel JONES done enough to keep away ?

Amongst the ladies, Sarah had run a clear way to the front and was looking comfortable in her running. Diane was looking strong and many commented on how nice it was to see her competing again. Angela WALKER (Tri London) was running well and looking strong and Beverley Ford, after her superb swim, was holding on well.

The cheers went up from the partisan crowd as young Phil came into sight. He hadn't beaten Malcolm SKEGG's course record, set three years ago, but was way out in front and running smoothly. His finish time of 28:28 took him almost a minute ahead of Daniel (29:24 and the fast-finishing Malcolm (off a night-shift I ask you) who came home in 30:51.

The ladies saw Sarah's 31:29 secure a comfortable victory with Diane in second with 34:12 and Angela, wishing the run course had been longer, in 3rd with 34:18.

First vet home was Nigel JONES who galloped past Adrian GRIMMOND to clock 31:35 and place 5th overall. Adrian's 31:49 was enough to get 6th place. The ever-green Alan SPELLING had the third fastest run split to come home in 8th place with 32:38 and local junior Robert CROMEY-HAWKE, having seen the light and given up football in favour of triathlon, ran well after swimming without a wetsuit, to finish in 10th place with 33:36.

The £400 prize money was divided over a fair spread of the field but the lion's share went to two very promising young athletes, Sarah PHILPOT and Phil ANTHONY.

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