South West Series 2003

Category A (16-17 years)
1st Scott Penberthy Tri-Logic, Cornwall 396
Category D (21-24 years)
1st Andrew Bullock Kingswood Tri Club 398
Category E (25-29 years)
1st Ken Walker Tri-Logic, Cornwall 397
2nd Paul Hazelton Mendip Tri Club 387
3rd Daniel Lugsden Bath Amphibians 384
Category F (30-34 years)
1st Kit Stokes Mendip Tri Club 397
2nd Ian Hindes North Devon Triathletes 392
3rd Matthew Searl Plymouth Tri Club 377
Category G (35-39 years)
1st Jon Rawlings Somerset R.C. Tri Club 400
=2nd Eric Downey Kingswood Tri Club 395
=2nd Duncan Richards Somerset R.C. Tri Club 395
Category H (40-44 years)
1st Ken Bowditch Packet of Three tri Club 396
2nd Simon Spedding Hogweed Trotters 394
3rd Chris Eccles Exeter Tri Club 390
Category I (45-49 years)
1st Andrew Bromley Kingswood Tri Club 399
2nd Nick Smith Somerset R.C. Tri Club 397
3rd Ian Jewell North Devon Triathletes 391
Category J (50-54 years)
1st Alan Matthews Exeter Tri Club 398
2nd John Despard Exeter Tri Club 397
3rd Dave Pressley Exeter Tri Club 392
Category K (55-59 years)
1st Ian Hobbs Camel Valley CC & Tri Club 397
2nd Andy Blonden BTA, Cornwall 395
Category C (19-20 years)
1st Alice Tracers BTA, Frome 400
Category E (25-29 years)
1st Dani Preedy Somerset R.C. Tri Club 394
2nd Roslyn Hancock Swindon tri Club 391
Category F (30-34 years)
1st Helen Parkinson North Devon Triathletes 400
2nd Gillian Pears Bath Amphibians 399
Category H (40-44 years)
1st Pauline Barker Plymouth Tri Club 379
Category I (45-49 years)
1st Janet Whiting M.A.D. Tri Club 398
Category L (60-64 years)
1st Peggy Crome Exeter Tri Club 400

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