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Just in case that you thought this site spontaneously came into being one night we thought that we had better introduce ourselves!

Henry used to organise events such as the Spelthorne Triathlon and (a long time ago) the Hampton Pool triathlons, founded the now-defunct Spelthorne Triathletes and spends probably more time than he should messing about with technology. For past sins he's also a BTA Referee so you may well meet him wearing a yellow jacket and being a complete pain in the arse!

Jenny teaches swimming, coaches, races more than Henry and generally keeps the family running smoothly.

Jodie is mostly English Bull Terrier and runs happily for miles through Windsor Great Park with Jenny or Henry. Alternatively, she sleeps!

Credit: The photographs of Jenny and myself are courtesy of Mike Nicholson Photography and were taken during the 1996 Royal Windsor Triathlon.

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