Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 29

What are the Traits of Champion Triathletes?

Champion triathletes are driven people. They set goals and then do everything within their power to achieve them. It’s safe to say that most triathletes are also extremely disciplined. For this reason, drive is probably the most distinctive trait of champion triathletes. You’re not going to find a champion who isn’t driven and, if you …

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Feb 14

Are Triathletes and Ironmen and Ironwomen the Same Thing?

There actually are differences between triathletes and Ironmen/Ironwomen. It’s basically about how long the distances in the two types of athletic events are. The distance of swimming/biking and running sets one type of athlete apart from the other. With a full triathlon (not a novice triathlon), total distances for swim/bike/run are as follows: 1500 metres …

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Feb 04

How Triathletes Train for Competitions

Training for triathlons is all about eating well, doing the sports which are part and parcel of the triathlon (usually, swimming, running and cycling) and giving the body sufficient time to recover from training. Some triathletes use safe and legal supplements in order to help their bodies perform at their best. In general, training schedules …

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