Jan 28

Who are History’s Most Famous Triathletes?

A triathlon is a sporting contest which consists of a trio of events, which are usually swimming, long-distance running and cycling. Certain triathletes have distinguished themselves by excelling in this challenging sport, which requires tons of endurance, drive and mental toughness.

Both men and women complete in the triathlon. However, they don’t usually compete together. Men tend to have more muscle mass, so competition organizers level the playing field by offering men’s and women’s triathlon events.

Today, we’re going to highlight a few of the triathlon’s shining stars. While we can’t include everyone who has dazzled fans worldwide with superior athletic performance and stamina, we are able to showcase the achievements of three of these sports superstars…

Simon Whitfield Is a True Champion

Born in spring of 1975, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Whitfield is now retired and he’s one of the most famous and esteemed triathletes of all time. He’s an Olympic champion who earned ten Canadian Triathlon Championship titles, as well as a gold medal (Triathlon) in the Olympics in 2000, in Sydney, Australia.

Sports were always important to Simon and he grew up playing soccer. By the age of eleven, he was already training for and participating in triathlons. He learned discipline very young and this is probably why he was able to reach the pinnacle in his preferred sporting event.

Today, Whitfield lives in Victoria, B.C. and maintains a secondary residence on scenic Saltspring Island. He’s still as fit and sporty as he ever was, although he doesn’t compete the way that he used to. He’s definitely one of Canada’s most respected athletic heroes.Famous Triathletes

Helen Jenkins is a British Sports Superstar

This talented athlete won the ITU World Championship twice and she’s a citizen of Wales, UK. She rose to fame during 2003, when she became a British junior champion for the triathlon.

During the Olympics in London, in 2012, she took fifth place. While she didn’t “medal” in her preferred event, she’s known for her grit, as she’s had to deal with a couple of serious injuries during her career as a triathlete.

Injuries are commonplace in the sport – it’s all too easy to damage muscle tissue or suffer breaks or sprains during these challenging events. The best athletes do all that they can to fight back after injuries.

Andreas Raelert is a German “Ironman”

This triathlete is of German birth and he was born in August of 1976. Known for his consistency, he routinely placed high in competition, while not always making it onto the podium.

Raelert has competed in a couple of Olympics and he took sixth place while at the Olympics in Athens (2004). He also placed second at the Ironman Championship in 2008.

Do You Want to Try a Triathlon?

Since the triathlon has a long history, these three examples just scratch the surface. Luckily, the feats of triathlon champions and participants have been recorded and it’s possible to learn so much about these tough and focused athletes just by utilizing the World Wide Web.

If you want to compete in a triathlon, you’ll need to perform plenty of cardio exercises and train your muscles. You’ll need to hone your swimming skills, run regularly in order to achieve good times for long distances and cycle as fast as you can. This event requires a range of athletic skills, as well as a positive, can-do mindset.

Some people have genetic gifts which make them ideally suited to one or more components of the triathlon. Others don’t have these gifts, but use their own hard work and determination in order to rise above the pack.

The biggest champions in the sport likely have genetic gifts, as well as superior determination and admirable work ethics.