Feb 29

What are the Traits of Champion Triathletes?

Champion triathletes are driven people. They set goals and then do everything within their power to achieve them. It’s safe to say that most triathletes are also extremely disciplined. For this reason, drive is probably the most distinctive trait of champion triathletes.

You’re not going to find a champion who isn’t driven and, if you study some bios of these athletes, you’ll probably discover that this important element of their characters was in evidence since they were extremely young.

For example, Canadian triathlete champion, Simon Whitfield, was training for his first triathlon by the age of eleven years old! Quite young, these talented athletes recognize that they have ability in sports and they hone this ability to a fine point through practice and through studying the athletic competition that they love best.

By the time they’re of age to participate in World Championships and Olympic competitions, they’ve already become incredible runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Discipline is a Key Characteristic

After all, it takes incredible focus to out-train the competition and then beat them during a triathlon. Those who venture into the fray and become champions master the secrets of effective training and they are very unlikely to miss a workout, choose the wrong foods or otherwise go off of the rails.

They definitely realize that everything that they do in the months (and even years) leading up to a triathlon is important. They go for cumulative benefits by staying driven and sticking to the most performance-friendly lifestyle.

They Are Extremely Competitive

Traits of Champion Triathletes

Everything comes down to working towards a goal, which is beating others in competition. In most cases, other elements of life will take a backseat to achieving this goal. In order to succeed in sports at the elite level, sacrifices must be made and it’s safe to say that triathletes make them daily. However, the feeling that they get when they win or improve their personal best times makes it all worthwhile for most of them.

Every champion athlete is incredibly hard-working. It’s about pushing the body past its limits and finding new ways of training which will enhance fitness…and the odds of success.

Lastly, athletic talent is really a given. Sometimes, champion triathletes have genetic gifts, such as naturally powerful, muscled legs and larger lungs. These genetic gifts may make it easier to rise above others during competition.

Does Talent Decide the Winner?

There are different types of champion triathletes. Some are local heroes and heroines and others are World Champions or Olympians. Aside from drive and the ability to work hard, these athletes do have one thing in common and this is talent.

However, talent doesn’t decide things. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. A lot of it is about training in order to make the most of genetic gifts, athletic ability and so on. It’s about taking what’s been given by nature (genetics) and using it in order to win. Some athletes train harder, even though they are less gifted genetically and these athletes can certainly win triathlons.

If you’re interested in participating in a triathlon, be sure to look for one in your own community.