Feb 14

Are Triathletes and Ironmen and Ironwomen the Same Thing?

There actually are differences between triathletes and Ironmen/Ironwomen. It’s basically about how long the distances in the two types of athletic events are. The distance of swimming/biking and running sets one type of athlete apart from the other.

With a full triathlon (not a novice triathlon), total distances for swim/bike/run are as follows: 1500 metres for swimming, 40 kilometers for biking and then 10 kilometers for running.

With a full Ironman (not a half-Ironman), the swim is 3.6 kilometers long, the biking portion of the race is 180 kilometers and the running portion of the race is 42.4 kilometers.

Ironmen and Ironwomen Triathletes

Ironman Events are Just Harder

As you can see, Ironman events are incredibly challenging. For this reason, an Ironman or woman is not the same as a triathlete. People who love these sorts of endurance events may participate in both, but it’s safe to say that the Ironman competition will take more out of them. The reason why they plan half-Ironmen competitions is because the full races are incredibly grueling and not everyone can handle them. Even a half-Ironman is likely to push an athlete to his or

her limit!

Triathlon is an Olympic Event

Athletes who focus on triathlons may wish to go all of the way by competing in Olympic competitions. Since Ironman isn’t currently an Olympic event, choosing a triathlon instead makes tons of sense. It’s possible to gain fame and fanfare by winning Ironmans. Those who do win them gain so much credibility and they are really some of of the sporting world’s most impressive heroes and heroines.

However, they cannot be Olympians and the lure of Olympic gold is a very strong enticement for many athletes. Some athletes have dreamed of winning gold medals in the Olympics since they were children…

These are Endurance Sports

Triathletes and Ironmen/women are the same in terms of competing in the same athletic activities. Both types of athletes will need to be skilled and fast swimmers, cyclists and runners. While it’s true that one type of athlete doesn’t swim, bike and run the same distances as the other one does, both types of athletes work so hard and both deserve the upmost respect.

In the case of both competitions, athletes will begin training and preparing weeks or months in advance. They do this in order to build speed, endurance and strength. Workouts will be intense and nutrition will be a focus. It’s important to take in enough calories during training and it’s also vital to avoid junk food, as it may trigger inflammation.

There are lots of tips on preparing for Ironman/women competitions and triathlons. Experts in the field of sports and nutrition offer many of these tips online. If you’re ready to test your mettle in an Ironman or Triathlon competition, you’ll benefit from seeking out advice online.

Once you begin training, several weeks (or even longer) before your competition, you’ll begin to develop your athletic skills, so that they peak at just the right time. This means that when race day comes around, you will be ready.